Dikembe Speaks On Rumor He Told Club Girls “Who Wants To Sex Mutombo” (Video)


NBA great Dikembe Mutombo was on the “Dan Le Batard is Highly Questionable” show where he talked about his time in the NBA, who he loved giving the famous rejection finger to and what it was like growing up in The Congo. But the most entertaining part of the interview came when Le Batard asked him about the rumor that he would walk in the club asking ¨who wants to sex Mutombo?¨

“I always say, ‘who came up with that crap? It’s tough when you get to the top. There’s always somebody trying to come up with some funny thing. Or maybe you took away all the girls from the guys,” said Mutombo, suggesting that sort of story was made up by some jealous guys.

“It’s a great story but it didn’t happen! I always try to correct that!”

Although Dikembe denies this rumor, for some reason I think it’s very true.  That’s too awesome a line to be made up.

H/T: Larry Brown Sports