Doc Rivers Was “Not Thrilled” About the Clippers Protest

Clippers team protest

The Clippers decided to not wear any team issue gear besides their uniforms. Regardless if you believe that was a strong enough protest or not, they at least took some sort of stance.  That is better than just trying to ignore the situation isn’t happening.

Doc Rivers who is in a very difficult position was not happy about the protest.

It is sad that the Clippers players and coaches have to deal with this. They haven’t done anything wrong, but people are judging them and criticizing their actions.  They are in a no-win situation.

The anger should be solely on Donald Sterling and Sterling only. Hopefully, Adam Silver makes a decision before the critical Game 5.

One thought on “Doc Rivers Was “Not Thrilled” About the Clippers Protest

  • If they really wanted to send a strong message, the players shouldn’t have played the game! The best way to protest is to hit the dominant force where it counts; their bank accounts! Too bad the modern day black athlete doesn’t have the courage of Ali, Jim Brown or Kareem Abdul Jabbar!

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