Durant Repeatedly Called DJax To Recruit Him To Redskins


Kevin Durant is a D.C. native and huge Washington Redskins fans.

Once DeSean Jackson became a free agent, you knew Durant would try and yield some influence to help sway Jackson to D.C.  According to Durant, he went above and beyond to recruit DeSean to the Redskins.

Duran was a guest on ESPN 980′s Inside the Locker Room and said that he even called Jackson several times to sell him on D.C. as well.

“I’m gonna put it like this: Wale is a good friend of mine as well,” Jackson said. “He’s a good rapper, he does his thing out here in D.C., puts on for the city. It was a little influenced by Wale. Another influence was my boy Durant. Kevin Durant been calling me, he been calling and saying man you know how I’d go crazy for you to be in D.C. I mean, what better place is there for me to be? I’m happy to be here. I’m glad, man, honestly I can say that.”