Ex-Clippers Elton Brand Says Sterling Been Like This For Years

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The former Clippers center and current Atlanta Hawk played seven seasons in Los Angeles under the Sterling regime.

Brand opened up on how Sterling has behaved and how he’s been allowed to get away with such appalling behavior:

“It’s just sad,…It’s just disgusting all the way around. I know social media makes it available instantly and people can react but there have been allegations for many, many years and nothing has been done.

“It’s sad that I know that (Donald Sterling) isn’t the only person in a power position that feels that way. It’s unfortunate.”

The Hawks ownership reached out to the team following the release of the Sterling audio tapes and told the team that they and the NBA would not tolerate such speech. Hawks Co-Owner, Bruce Levenson issued comment on the matter:

“The alleged comments made by Donald Sterling are ignorant, offensive and very disturbing and have no place in our society,”

As of now the Hawks have no plans to show solidarity to Clippers players but Brand is hopeful that something harsh will happen to Sterling.


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  • It wasn’t too long ago that people felt the same way about the likes of Tokowitz, I mean Sterling. Um…HE IS JEWISH for crying out loud (changing his name doesn’t change that). And people STILL feel that way abut Jewish people. His girlfriend is black, she is anything BUT white, obviously. He is a person with power now, but he didn’t get to that position by himself. He got there with the help of the JUNIOR MAJORITY (black people) and based on his recent statements he is also going to lose that position or be punished because of the outrage of the JUNIOR MAJORITY. So who has the position of power now?

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