Ex-FSU Lineman Trolls Gators with Championship Rings (Photo)


The back and forth between the Gators and the Seminoles are at an all time high this offseason, and former FSU offensive lineman Daniel Glauser decided to keep the spirit of trolling going. Glauser’s NCAA eligibility ended two years ago, but he was a part of the program during their recent title run. The Gators ended the season 4-8, and with all the recent Seminole and Gator banter, it seemed only fitting for Glauser to add his two cents.

Glauser took to Twitter to post two separate pics. One was of him with all the rings he received in his tenure with the Seminoles and one with an empty hand to symbolize the rings the Gators have been lacking. Glauser technically didn’t play one down in the championship season.