Ex-Pistons Adrian Dantley Calls Isiah Thomas a ‘Con Man’


ESPN just aired a 30 for 30 documentary based on the Detroit Pistons Bad Boys of 1989 and 1990, but apparently everything isn’t well for some of the former teammates of that era. According to Larry Brown Sports, former Pistons Adrian Dantley has some major beef with his ex-teammate Isiah Thomas. During an interview with Matt Dery on 105.1 FM, Dantley had some very harsh things to say about Thomas.

“Con man,” Dantley said. “He has a way of tricking people, and he tricked a lot of people.”

“I’ll bet you one thing: If I was running around there kissing Isiah’s (expletive), I’d still be there,” Dantley continued.

“I’m not gonna watch that; you think I’m gonna listen to Isiah talk?” Dantley said, via The Detroit News.

Clearly Dantley hasn’t gotten over being traded from the team halfway through the 1989 season, and as the 30 for 30 documentary implied, the lack of team cohesiveness prior to the trade was stemming from friction coming from Dantley. Either way, it’s been years and this is something that Dantley has to get over at some point.

4 thoughts on “Ex-Pistons Adrian Dantley Calls Isiah Thomas a ‘Con Man’

  • He’s lying, he watched it because he’s in the documentry…

  • Still feeling selfish, Adrian? How many guys help their team win championships by making sure they get their allotment of shots and minutes, and scream at the coach when he doesn’t do as told? Maybe watch Aguirre pass, run the floor, shoot threes, post up and score, and defer to Rodman as per the coaches plans, then get back to us, ‘kay?

  • Isiah, should ask Adrian….”Are you mad Bro!”

  • Adrian is 100 percent right, isiah screwed dantley!

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