Fan Who Threw Banana at Dani Alves, Banned for Life by Villarreal


Dani Alves


On Sunday we reported that FC Barcelona defender Dani Alves ate a banana that was thrown in his path by a pathetic excuse for a human being during a game against Villarreal in La Liga action.

Well according to ESPN FC, the moron who committed the blatantly racist act will have to watch his team from home from now on as Villarreal have given a him a life-time ban.

Villarreal released a statement on Tuesday afternoon confirming the ban, which read: “Villarreal CF wants to communicate that the club deeply regrets and condemns the incident that happened yesterday during the match against FC Barcelona in which a fan threw an object onto the field of El Madrigal.

“Thanks to the security forces and the invaluable assistance of the Yellow crowd, the club has already identified the person and has decided to withdraw his season tickets, permanently banning his access to El Madrigal stadium.

“Once again our club would like to express its firm commitment to promoting respect, equality, sportsmanship and fair play both on and off the field and our absolute rejection of any act that is contrary to these principles, such as violence, discrimination, racism and xenophobia.”

Villarreal must be commended for acting so swiftly in dealing with this injustice. To eradicate racism from soccer, everyone must stand united in the fight, so that there can be no mistaking what the ultimate goal is.