Floyd Mayweather Very Interested in Buying the Clippers

Money Mayweather

Who doesn’t want to buy the Clippers?

Rick Ross wants to turn it into a Wing Stop, Diddy wants to give The Lox a job there and now Money Mayweather is going to throw his hat into the ring.

Mayweather would be a partner (possibly Al Haymon), but first lets get rid of Donald Sterling before we start talking about new owners.

2 thoughts on “Floyd Mayweather Very Interested in Buying the Clippers

  • Let’s get something straight, none of these black millionaires stands a snowball’s chance in hell of buying the Clippers! Sterling isn’t selling! You better believe Sterling and his team of attorneys will go to court against the NBA. This is just the beginning!

  • I believe a group of prominent minority ballers should buy the team. Show the men, who most likely had families who where victims of the holocaust, that we can take care of our own.

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