Fox News Anchor Calls UConn “2014 NAACP Champions” (Video)


I’m not sure how this mistake was made, but I have an idea why.

After Connecticut’s victory over Kentucky in the National Championship Game, Fox News anchor Heather Childers said the team was the “2014 NAACP National Champs!”

Again I’m not going to jump to conclusions and accuse Ms. Childers of anything malicious.

NCAA stands for National Collegiate Athletic Association.

NAACP stands for National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.

Say both 4 or 5 times and see if you get actually do mistake them for one another.

H/T Thacover2

2 thoughts on “Fox News Anchor Calls UConn “2014 NAACP Champions” (Video)

  • That was done on purpose but that’s ok…..Heather Childers can suck a dyck…..

  • If she was reading the teleprompter, it is quite possible that she read that without having time to reason what she was saying. News correspondents are programmed to the point of hypnotism. They read and burn through information without thinking because they are on national TV with no time for sidebar conversation. Today I heard someone say, “I know that young lady. She went to North Carolina AT&T University.” When it was clearly North Carolina A&T University. If somebody is talking quickly, on live TV, anything is possible. Now if she had said the Affirmative Action Champions, that would have given cause to pause. No harm done. Free publicity for the NAACP, because many black kids might not get into some schools were it not for athletics. It is what it is even though it is not necessarily very nice.

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