Frank Vogel: “Guys Should Never Air In House Stuff To The Media”

Frank Vogel sends message to team.

The Indiana Pacers have been on a downward spiral of late, losing 6 of their last 9 games. The losing is obviously unacceptable for a team looking to claim the top seed in the east, but what’s even more concerning is the drama within the locker room.

Roy Hibbert decided to blast some of his teammates the other day. As you could imagine, Pacers head coach Frank Vogel didn’t take too kindly of Hibbert’s actions.

It bothers me. Guys should never air in-house stuff to the media. I talked to the team about it today (Wednesday)… It was a weird thing. Roy said it a couple of days ago (after the Washington loss) and nobody really caught onto it until (recently). So I made sure to tell them that A) I don’t believe we have ‘selfish dudes’ in our locker room and B) whatever you might want to say about your teammates, don’t say it to the media. We have to get that stopped.

Hopefully for Vogel’s sake this is the end of the chatter.