FSU Bball Player Claims School Feeds Them One Meal Per Day

Jameis Winston Crab Legs Memes 5

While FSU’s Heisman and championship winning is off shoplifting crab legs from a local Tallahassee grocery store, some members of the FSU sports apparently find it easy to empathize with Winston’s predicament. A Seminoles basketball player took Twitter to show support for Winston and claimed that the school’s athletic department has only been giving the athletes one meal per day due to finals week.

According to Marquez White, because of the hectic finals schedule, dinner has been canceled by the school for the student athletes. This is alarming, since the NCAA recently proclaimed that student athletes would now be getting unlimited meals and snacks. Neither FSU nor the NCAA have commented on White’s allegations. However, with that been said, scavenging grocery stores for crab legs sounds more like being being spoiled than hungry.

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One thought on “FSU Bball Player Claims School Feeds Them One Meal Per Day

  • Wilson didn’t look like he was starving to me! If I was starving, I sure wouldn’t be stealing crab legs. He’s a thief pure and simple with a free scholarship which should be going to someone deserving, not a criminal. And thievery is the least of his antisocial problems.

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