Gator Fan Posts Hilariously Horrible FSU Parody Video


There is nothing better than college rivalries, and one of the most historic rivalries is Florida State-Florida. Besides the fact that the schools are less than two hours away from each other, the chase to be the top sports school in the state of Florida is always fun to watch. Fans of each school always make the rivalry more interesting with their antics, and the latest comes from a Gator fan according to Fansided.

This fan decided to poke fun at the Seminoles using Lorde’s Royals, and sadly she failed in the worst way. However, she definitely gave everyone, including Gator fans, something to laugh at. Nothing screams classy more than humping random beams at the stadium and gator statues, accompanied by Gatorade showers a la champagne shower style. However, it might have been better for her to remember that the Seminoles are the reigning BCS champs, and the Gators came up short in the NCAA Tournament.