Graphic Details From New Mexico RB Alleged Gang Rape of Woman


Crusoe Gongbay

If any of this is true, I hope Crusoe Gongbay and his friends spend the rest of their lives in jail. We reported yesterday that Gongbay who has been suspended from the team after being accused of gang rape. TMZ now has the graphic details from the police report.

According to court docs, obtained by TMZ Sports, the alleged victim told police … Gongbay, along with 2 other men, approached her while she was sitting in a car outside of a house party and made her get into a waiting BMW.

While in the BMW, the woman claims one of the men began to force her to perform oral sex on him, and then undressed her, while Gongbay and another man were in the car.

The woman claims the 1st man then put on a condom, “Forced [her] on his lap” and had sex with her.

After he finished, the woman claims Gongbay also forced her to perform oral sex … before putting on a condom and raping her as well.

According to the documents, Gongbay and the 1st man were dropped off at an unknown location — and the 3rd man drove her back to campus.

But before he let her out of the car, the woman claims he pulled out a gun, held it to her head and forced her to perform oral sex. She claims he proceeded to rape her as well.

If Gongbay has a reasonable explanation I would love to hear it. Unless this woman is just making the entire thing up, he is in real big trouble.


  1. Hey, thanks for being a decent human being and NOT filing this under the stupid, abhorrent category “Groupie Tales,” as the first story about this incident was.

  2. Seems fake if you ask me. This girl was just siting in a car outside a house party waiting on what? Then a car full of dudes just happen to drive up ad told her to get out her car and jump into theirs. Why not drive off if she had the keys, if she did have keys go back to the party. Also so they just driving around 3 in the back seat raping this women. hmmm ? I’m calling BS on this one.

  3. Good point, faustjoe. The story says she was “sitting in a car,” but hmmmm…what kind of woman sits in a car outside by herself at night? Did she not think that she was basically asking to be assaulted? And what was she wearing?

    If she had the keys, why didn’t she disregard the fact that she was outnumbered by a group of men with a firearm and drive off, alone? If they followed her in their car, and then caught up to her, why wouldn’t she use her keys to hold them hostage until help arrived? And if she DIDN’T have the keys, why didn’t she use martial arts to hold them off or take the gun and use it against them? Women have a lot to gain from making up rape stories and this is probably just another example of that.

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