Here’s Why Women Who Screencap Athletes For Attention Are Weak

Instagram Girl Exposes Athletes

Usually these stories come to light and we bash the athletes for being dumb or doing something wrong. Not this time.

Richard Sherman and Darrelle Revis were just trying to talk to a woman over Facetime and ended up being screencapped and put on Instagram for the world to see. They did nothing wrong besides trust a Twodel to have a normal conversation and to get to know them like she would any other man.

The girl in question, Sade Bagnerise, is just one of the latest Twitter or Instagram “models” (stripper) that think they deserve to be known because an athlete gives them the time of day. They fail to realize that nothing about them is intriguing or special and that people are only clicking because of the athlete. They are in fact faceless and nameless. The story would blow up whether it was them or the next half naked woman online.

Some of the captions Sade put under these photos made no sense at all.


Sherman comment

Revis comment

Only thing this proves is that Sherman thought she looked good one day and asked for her phone number. Sherman didn’t say or do anything stupid.

Revis is on what chopping block? This girl makes zero sense.

The only person that looks thirsty in this situation is the Twodel that is posting pictures of men that she’ll never be able to land a relationship with or even date.

The media gives light to these women and that’s why they continue to pull stunts like these but at least other women have funny stories or embarrassing pictures of those men. Sade is just desperate for attention and is looking to be ‘Fake Famous.’

Well this article is her 15 minutes of infamy. If she had a shred or normal emotions she’d be thoroughly embarrassed by her actions today, but she doesn’t so I’m sure this is just feeding her fragile ego.


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  • She a hot mess she only leaked this story because of the leak from mediatakeout yesterday. The difference is the girl from media take out didn’t leak herself only Sherman so she comes to make it seem like it was her from media take out! Monkey see monkey do. The problem is who cares about a screenshot from FaceTime dummy!

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