Interview: WBO Champ Timothy Bradley Talks Pacquiao’s Flaws & Fight Gameplan


The long awaited rematch between WBO Welterweight champion Timothy Bradley Jr and Manny Pacquiao is a little over a week away and Bradley isn’t shy about letting the world know that he will remain champion following their April 12th fight.

Here is part 1 of our two part interview with Timothy Bradley leading up to the rematch with Pacquiao:

Are there any things you’ve chosen to do differently this time around against Manny Pacquiao?

Bradley: Absolutely, you definitely have to up your game fighting a guy for the second time. You have to change some things and give them different looks. To give you one, I know the type intensity he brings in the ring so I’ve brought in 3-4 different sparring partners. There’s one line for each guy and I go against one line at a time, each fresh. I know the high pace Manny brings and it can be draining.

How are you feeling heading into this Pacquiao fight? Are you physically better than you were the first time?

Bradley: I feel better this time around. The first time I trained for 12 weeks hard, possibly over-trained. This training camp I trained for 8 weeks. I kept in good shape after the Marquez fight so I’m ready; I can step on the scale tonight and make weight. I could fight him tomorrow.

Is there a difference being the champion vs begin the underdog coming into the fight?

Bradley: Even though I’m going in as the champion I’m still the underdog and I embrace the underdog role. It is different because I’m in a different situation than I was the last time. People know who I am, people know that I will fight Manny. I beat a guy that knocked out Manny; I’ve been in every type of fight between a war and a boxing match. My confidence is high.

Do you feel as though Manny has lost something since the last time you two fought?

Bradley: I question his killer instinct. I have (questioned) in the past a lot of things because of what he has going on. I won’t go into it but I question if he really wants to fight or not. Why is he doing it? I think his mind is in other places.

Do you think he’s underestimating you because of that?

Bradley: I think he knows what he’s up against. I don’t think he is underestimating me at all. I think he knows that this will be a tough fight and I think Freddie knows that too. They’re banking on a knockout and that’ll be what it takes to stop me… That’s not going to happen man. That’s not going to happen at all.

What’s an area that you feel you can exploit to get another victory?

Bradley: He’s going to be overly aggressive and I’m going to make him pay.