Jabari Parker Implies Melo had Bad Teammates



Duke freshman Jabari Parker is a consensus top-3 pick in the upcoming NBA Draft. When discussing his game, there are often comparisons to Knicks All-Star Carmelo Anthony. While these comparisons bode well for Parker on the offensive end, they can also seem like a bit of a shot at his lack of defense.

Jabari was a guest on the Dan Patrick Show and for his part, claimed that he enjoyed the Melo comparisons.

One of the players that Parker is most commonly compared to is New York Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony, which is a comparison that Anthony loves.

Patrick commented on the comparison by saying, “but you pass,” to which Parker responded with a quip at the Knicks saying, “but I have a team.”

Ouch. Lucky for Knicks fans, they don’t have a lottery pick with which they could draft Parker. So at least they have that going for them I guess.