Jadeveon Clowney Says He Works As Hard As Anybody

Clowney, Luck


Plenty of people are saying Jadeveon Clowney heart isnt on the field, but he denies that. He actually believes he can work hard if not harder than anybody else.

“I think I work just as hard as anybody,” Clowney says. “If you pick me and pair me with guys, I’m going to try and outwork them also.”

but he’s not worried about your comments on his work ethic.

“They tell me, ‘Don’t worry about it,'” he said. “Just go out and keep working because it’s going to get better.”

Clowney says he’s tired of the questions concerning his work ethic but willing to prove them wrong. While most criticize, there are a few people who believe the Texans are walking away with the No. 1 pick in Clowney. Clowney is a defensive threat and have been coined “a once in 20 year guy” by Mel Kiper, Jr.

Hopefully Clowney rises to the occasion and outshines everybody. Sometimes, you stop making public comments and respond on the field.