Jameis Winston Says He Forgot To Pay For Stolen Crab Legs and Crawfish


I think we first need to clear up that Winston was not arrested but given a citation.

Jameis Winston has been issued a citation Tuesday for shoplifting Crab Legs and miscellaneous items that total to $32, Winston saying he forgot to pay. Leon County Sheriff Office issued a statement saying Winston will not face criminal charges as long as he complies to civil diversion.

“This is not a criminal arrest. This is a civil citation program,” said LCSO Maj. Mike Wood.

According to Tallahassee.com:

Wood said an investigation determined the man who left the grocery without paying was Winston. When deputies went to Winston’s apartment, the FSU redshirt sophomore said he forgot to pay. Publix officials and Winston agreed to the civil-citation procedure that will require Winston to complete 20 hours of community service, among other things.

Winston has already been suspended from his baseball team and FSU has issued a statement concerning the incident:

“As a result of his citation last night, we are suspending Jameis Winston from the baseball team,” said FSU Baseball Coach Mike Martin. “I am confident he will complete his community service obligation and the situation will be resolved soon.”


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  • What a dumbass……he didn’t forget…he was just trying to get over…all for some bullshyt crap legs…C’mon Man!

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