Jeremy Lin: 10 Steps, Dribble, 10 More Steps, Bricks Layup (Video)


Jeremy Lin is looking forward to playing with Dwight Howard.

I can’t stop laughing at this….

What is amazing is that this wasn’t called a travel by the refs. What exactly were they looking at?


  1. when you finish getting your eyes checked you may see that he , dribbled and the steps should start counting after the gather of the dribble, when he secures the ball back after the dribble, if you look at it like that you will see it is not even 3 steps but. if anything if you want to argue you can say he took 3 steps because his first was borderline when he was completing the dribble

  2. What were you looking at? Sure it looked like a travel but if you did enough research and watched the video just once in slow-mo, you clearly see him dribble. The fan’s didn’t react, the players didn’t react, and sure enough the officials didn’t react. You’re supposed to a writer?

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