Jerry Jones: Cowboys Have Missed Playoffs, But We’re Still Most Popular


NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Carolina Panthers

Sometimes, I believe Jerry is just trolling.

Other times I believe he speaks before thinking. Nothing he ever says is a lie, but it is like he only knows how to speak the truth, regardless of how bad it sounds.

Take this quote from via the Dallas Morning News courtesy of PFT.

“As you know, the Cowboys have not gone to the playoffs in several years,” Jones said, via the Dallas Morning News. “We have not gone, yet we’re the most popular TV show there is on television. We lead all teams in TV ratings. We lead, 24 of the last top 25 shows were NFL games, and any time your Cowboys play they’re up there at the top and leading. Now, what causes that? What causes that is creating some aura, creating some excitement.”

I understand what he is saying, but there is a reason why reality shows are popular and that is because they are drama filled train wrecks.

The Cowboys are popular for reasons that maybe Jerry shouldn’t be so proud of.  The aura is because of the drama, not their play.  But, when you are cashing a lot of checks, it is hard to see that or you do see  it and don’t care because you are cashing a lot of checks.

Either way, Jerry you are right, I am entertained.