Jim Kelly Attends NY Knicks Game Before Beginning Treatment (Photo)


WIVB is reporting that Hall of Fame quarterback Jim Kelly and his family took the time to enjoy the Knicks game at Madison Square Garden on Friday night. Even though the Knicks lost to the Washington Wizards 90-89, It was good to see a photo of him looking upbeat and happy, not in a hospital bed; even if it may be temporary.

Kelly, who will begin his chemotherapy and radiation treatments on Monday, is said to be in  great deal of pain. However, he didn’t let that stop him from spending a nice night out with his family, in celebration of his daughter making the deans list. He took the time to thank his supporters:

“We’ve had just such a big outpouring of prayers, which I definitely need, and support, not only from people in Western New York, but from all over. It makes me feel good that there are so many people praying for me out there,” he said.

It’s nice to see the Kelly family out enjoying New York City in the midst of what must be a very trying time for them. We send him and his family our best thoughts and prayers.