Joe Dumars Claims He’s Resigning as Pistons GM



Joe Dumars future with the Pistons might actually be coming to an end. According to NBC Sports, Dumars plans to resign from his GM position with the Pistons as quickly as this week. Dumars contract with the team expires after this season, and he’s currently the longest tenured GM in the league.

“Dumars has told multiple sources within the NBA that he plans to resign — possibly as soon as this week”

The fact remains that although Dumars had a nice run with the Pistons early in his tenure with them, it’s been years since any of decisions have equated to success for the team. It really is time for Detroit to move on from Dumar despite his glory days.

One thought on “Joe Dumars Claims He’s Resigning as Pistons GM

  • You misunderstood the report…Dumars is resigning (quitting), not “re-signing” (getting a new contract). His tenure is ending after years of poor GM decisions.

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