Johnny Manziel Wants “The House That Johnny Built” Trademark


Get that money Johnny.

Johnny Manziel has done a pretty good job of showing that he is more than just a “celebrity QB” as Mike Zimmer fears he is. He has seemed to take the draft process seriously and has been working out a lot, which showed in his great pro day. The other side of what comes with Johnny Manziel who is already trying to get the rights to “Johnny Football” is that he does stuff like this.

Johnny has applied for a trademark on “The House That Johnny Built” according to Darren Rovell:

Former Texas A&M quarterbackJohnny Manziel continues to set himself up to cash in on his future. In line to eventually secure a “Johnny Football” trademark, Manziel’s team filed for more trademarks recently, including “The House That Johnny Built.”

I am all for him trying to cash out in every legal way that he can. The only issue with this, is that it does give more fuel to people like Mike Zimmer. Even if Zimmer was just sending smoke signals and really wants to draft him.

2 thoughts on “Johnny Manziel Wants “The House That Johnny Built” Trademark

  • The people have spoken on Manziel. 66% of opinions of him on were negative. Most used the words ‘moron’ ‘fucked’ and ‘mediocre’. Pretty accurate sample study of what the public think of him in general. ( )

    • Does it really matter what the public think of him? And isn’t it just all the hype people are sick of? Look at how many hate King James just because of “The Decision”.

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