Jon Jones Wants to Retire from UFC at 30


The youngest champion in UFC history, Jon “Bones” Jones has made it clear that he intends to leave the sport long before he’s forced out; if he has it his way.

Jones, in an interview with MMA Junkie, let it be known that retiring with his health is just as– if not more important, than his accomplishments within the sport. He wants to make sure he’s able to enjoy his post-fighting days (and the millions he’s made already), once he’s reached the golden age of thirty years young.

“I just want to leave the sport with a good head on my shoulders. I don’t want to be one of these guys that are taking fights way past their prime. I feel like its been fun. I’ve got a little bit more to prove, but I’ve also proven a lot already and there’s no need to do it after 30. I think I’m a smart enough guy to be able to do a lot of other things,” Jones said.

Critics have theorized that Jones’ hinting at early retirement is nothing more than a future negotiation tactic he will use to chase an astronomical contract when the time is right, however, Jones has gone on record saying his finances are fine and that money won’t be the driving force behind those decisions.

“No. No I didn’t say that for more money,” Jones said. “Right now, where I’m at financially, I never thought I would be, so I could honestly retire today [and be financially secure]. I’ve had a lot of doors be opened through MMA and I just feel like there’s a lot of other business out there, there’s a lot of other business out there.”

Yes, the UFC will miss the charisma and unbelievable quickness of Jones, but with two brothers flourishing in the NFL, and a nice nest egg of his own still growing, it’s hard to be mad at the man for not wanting to get punched in the mouth forever.


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  • I wish more would do that. It would save the sadness when senior athletes fall. He is a smart cat.

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