Josh Smith Says Pistons Teammates Deserve Blame for Bad Season


After making a splash in free agency by signing Josh Smith and trading for Brandon Jennings, the Detroit Pistons expected to make some noise in the Eastern Conference. Unfortunately, the 2013-14 NBA season has turned out to be another wasted year for the organization.

And like most losing teams, there is plenty of blame to go around the Detroit locker room. Much of that blame has fallen on mercurial forward Josh Smith, he of the $54 million contract. But according to Smith, not all of the blame should be placed on him. In fact, his teammates deserve blame as well.

“I am an easy target to be able to blame. I’m very outspoken, I’m an emotional player. I can easily be a target night in and out.” Smith said. ““If you played the game, if you know X’s and O’s, it’s not all my fault, I’m not gonna say I’m perfect, by far, but I’m not the guy you can point the finger at.”

“There’s a lot of young guys that don’t understand the importance of understanding your opponent, it’s still fun for them,” Smith said.

So Smith believes that most of the blame should fall on the young players who don’t know what it takes to properly prepare for their opponents night in and night out, something that veterans generally have figured out. You know, veterans like Smith, who could teach the younger players how to do so instead of dumping blame on them for a bad season.

This is just another sign of bad decision-making by Joe Dumars and the Detroit front office.


I mean just look at that picture! Does that look like a man who has made a sound decision in 10 years? Dumars is basically coasting off of the Pistons 2004 NBA Title.

This off-season will definitely bring some upheaval to thee Pistons roster, again. Look for Smith to be shopped heavily just like he was at the trade deadline.

Keep your head up Piston fans, eventually this proud franchise will figure out how to turn things around. I think.


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