Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. Doesn’t Want to Sign Extension With Top Rank



I understand where JCC is coming from. There are only a few times in a fighter’s career that they have all the leverage and this is one of those times for him.

He wants a deal like Cotto has where he basically chooses his promoter on a fight by fight basis. Top Rank wants him to sign a three fight extension in addition to fighting Gennady Golovkin. If JCC doesn’t sign the extension the fight isn’t happening.

JCC doesn’t sound like he is going to do it according to Boxing Scene.

“They want to make me sign an extension of my [promotional] contract, but they are not giving me the money that I’m actually worth to fight. They have never showed me numbers that I generate and they also want to force me into an [extension of] three fights for less money than I’m being offered elsewhere,” Chavez said.

“All I ask is that there is no extension and I’m paid what I should be, [given] the percentage that I deserve. I am open to work with Top Rank, as long as they want to work with me one hundred percent, fight-by-fight.”

“My father was not very well taken care of [during his career]. He is very proud of me because I’m making these decisions, and he has supported me. We talked about it, because he doesn’t want me to take the same abuses.”

As much as I would love to see JCC vs. GGG, his points are valid. They should be able to make the GGG fight without the extension, if it is truly for the fans, but it isn’t something Top Rank is willing to do at the moment.