Julius Peppers Broke Up With Pregnant GF to Date IG Model (Photos)

Initially it appeared that Peppers just had two girlfriends.  His baby mama Lia Ames who he just had a baby by and model Claudia Sampedro.

But, Jocks and Stiletto Jill points out that Peppers decided to break up with Ames during her pregnancy and start dating Sampedro.

The interesting thing is while Ames was having their child, Peppers was in Mexico with Sampedro taking Instagram Selfies.



Ames was taking selfies too, but of their kid.

Just a strange little threesome going on here.

Lia Ames Julius Peppers

I would say this is a stressful situation, but Peppers doesn’t look that stress, so it is what it is. One sidenote from Jill is that Sampedro (who dated Reggie Bush in the past) is also allegedly the sidechick for Married soccer star Lassana Diarra.

Good luck with all that.

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  • Morals just fly right out the fucking window nowadays…

  • that is stupid that is so fucking stupid evr seenm that is stupid

  • ALL PROPOGANDA B.S —Claudia has never been pregnant in her life. get your facts right instead of writing B.S

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