Julius Peppers Has 2 Girlfriends; One Allegedly Just Had a Baby (Photos)

Girlfriend #1 is his baby mama Lia Ames (they were engaged for a little while). As of late 2013 they were still together taking vacations together and in the process of having another kid (which apparently happened a few day ago).

Julius Peppers Lia Ames

Lia Ames Julius Peppers

Girlfriend #2 is model Claudia Sampedro (photos in the gallery up top), she is mostly famous for dating Reggie Bush for a while and taking a lot of pretty Instagram photos.  One of those IG photos were her and Peppers vacationing in Mexico.


I don’t know if the saying “if you have 2 quarterbacks, you have none” applies here, but Rumble..Julius..Rumble?

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  • Everyone is talking shit calling Claudia a hoe but let’s hear the real truth. Lia Ames was a Miami hoe as well. She just did all her shit undercover. Lia Ames used to fuck with Floyd Mayweather while he had his fiancé Ms. Jackson. Lia also was fucking with Headliner promoter (the guys who do Liv on Sunday) Mike Gardner WHILE dating the DJ Stevie J at the same damn time. She was even still dating Stevie J while she was seeing Julius Peppers at the beginning for months. One could even say she was cheating on Stevie J with Julius. She also fucked many girl’s boyfriends. She knew the guy’s had a girlfriend and she still went for it to get her bills paid because she was BROKE. She also fucked with Kennie Burns from Miami, who is also MARRIED. Just because Lia doesn’t call herself a model doesn’t mean she isn’t a hoe! She tricked him and got pregnant on purpose because she knew he was about to leave her. There’s a reason why Julius left her…. Think about it.

  • that’s messed up. Lia Ames messed with quentin richardson and dwayne wade too. Didn’t they both play for the same team at some point?

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