Kaepernick Allegedly Left After Woman Passed Out & Before 911 Called


Up until now, the details of the incident that occurred at Colin Kaepernick’s hotel room in South Beach  have been sketchy leaving people guessing as to what happened that night. Kaepernick took to social media to deny any wrongdoing, but still there wasn’t anything shown to the public that confirmed this.

The Sacramento Bee has obtained information from sources saying that Kaepernick might not have even been in the room at the time that police were called and when they arrived to the hotel. In addition,the police report claims that it was Ricardo Lockette who actually called 911 twice saying that there was a naked woman in the suite who would not leave.

Kaepernick may be justified in asserting his innocence, but this type of situation should be a lesson to the young man to be careful of the company he keeps. .