Report: Kaepernick Called For Ambulance Over Concern for Accuser


BSO has received information from three independent sources about what may have happened on the night of Colin Kaepernick’s suspicious incident.  It might explain one huge missing piece of the puzzle.  Here is the information and you can decide if you believe it or not.

The big question in the Colin Kaepernick “suspicious incident” case is how did the young woman get from being passed out in an apartment to the hospital.

According to sources the answer is pretty simple, Kaepernick and the other two NFL players called an ambulance for her. The reason they did that was because they became concerned after she passed out and they couldn’t wake her up.

Even though no names are given this was confirmed by police.

Someone in the apartment contacted Miami Police, sources familiar with the incident said. When officers arrived, they grew concerned about the woman’s frame of mind and called Fire Rescue, which transported her to the hospital.

“At 12:32, Miami Fire Rescue was dispatched to the Viceroy and transported a 25-year-old female from the Viceroy to the Jackson Memorial Hospital emergency room,” Miami Fire Lt. Ignatius Carroll said.

The police report clearly states that the woman was drinking and doing some sort of drugs. She doesn’t remember anything after Kaepernick left her naked in the bedroom and the two other players peaked in. According to our sources, the reason Kaepernick didn’t have sex with her was because she was too drunk and didn’t want to sleep with someone who was virtually passed out.

That would be ironic if true, because he was trying to avoid the type of accusations that he is currently being accused of.

The only question then becomes were the players being good samaritans or did they do something to her that made them panic and call an ambulance.

If they were simply trying to do the right thing and make sure the woman was ok, it is unfortunate their names are being dragged through the mud, if it was something else, I guess we will have to wait and find out.

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  • How long before you start crediting as your source? They reported this, this morning and more. I understand if you have to verify it…but at least give them credit for reporting it first.

  • Ha, good luck waiting for that one, Jake. This site just jacks
    other sites for news and posts while rarely giving credit. On
    a side note, Robert, how long before you stop filing nearly
    EVERY story that somehow involves a woman under “Groupie
    Tales”? It’s sexist as hell. Please stop.

    • I guess you two ignored the hyperlink from the Miami Herald, which I’m about 100% sure is more respected than mediatakeout.

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