Keith Olbermann Wants Clippers Players to Stage a Boycott

Keith Olbermann

Clippers Donald Sterling is a well known racist and bigot.  His latest racists comments were caught on tape when he said that he didn’t want his girlfriend associating with black people.

As you can imagine people are up in arms about this and Keith Olbermann has a simply, but not so simple solution.

“Time for Clippers players to step up. Refuse to play till NBA moves against this racist jackass Sterling. NBA can’t defend him.”

Olbermann also notes, “I was banned by the #Clippers for criticism of the front office – in 1986. This made me the envy of every other LA sports media person.”

I think the Clippers players would like to do this, but they won’t. Mainly, because the NBA would come down hard on them and they have their families and careers to think about.

But, it must be very difficult for them and Doc Rivers to deal with this while in a tough series with the Warriors.