Kevin Durant Says He ‘Hopes’ To Be a Coach After Retirement

Kevin Durant wants to be a coach one day

The soon to be 4-time scoring champ and first time MVP wants to be a coach after his playing days.

A lot of times, the superstar players don’t translate very well to the sideline. The main reason for this is because they’re so gifted physically and athletically that they don’t have to abide by some of the basic fundamentals of the game, but Durant is looking to change that stereotype.

I hope so. We’ll see. I always hear the guys that can play a little bit aren’t smart enough to be coaches, but I’m learning. I’m learning from a lot of different guys. Trying to put myself in different shoes. We’ll see. I like to see guys get better, I enjoy watching the progress of the team.

Durant seems like a humble guy that is willing to learn. I think he’ll make a good coach someday.