Kevin Durant Wishes His 25 Point Streak Would End

Kevin Durant says he's shooting too much.

Any time you have one of these great regular season records, what ends up happening is the media and fans really hype it up and if you don’t win a title, they use it against you.

I think KD knows this and that is why he is getting a little annoyed about all the questions of his 25 Point Streak that just surpassed Michael Jordan.

Considering the question was asked after a Thunder loss, I can see why Durant wasn’t in the mood. KD knows the longer he goes without a title, the louder those whispers become that he might be one of the great ones who can’t win the big one.

That isn’t something you want hanging over your head for long.

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  • Then he’ll be the next Malone or Ewing or Barkley……

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