Knicks to Play Carmelo Despite Shoulder Injury

Carmelo Face

There is a difference between playing hurt and playing injured. Only Carmelo knows how hurt he is, but the fact that it is bothering him to the point he had 9 turnovers and only 10 points against Wizards should let you know it isn’t minor.

Mike Woodson says what everyone is thinking, as long as it isn’t broken, Carmelo has to be on the floor for the Knicks or their last minute push to make the playoffs is over.

Here is what Woodson had to say courtesy of Pro Basketball Talk via ESPN.

“Well, I knew it was bothering him,” Knicks coach Mike Woodson said. “But you know, we’ve got to have Melo on the floor. … But it was bothering him. I knew that. He has nine turnovers, that’s not Carmelo.”

Part of the Knicks problem is that they are too dependent on Carmelo and carrying an entire team wears you down both mentally and physically.

That may factor in Melo’s free agent decision.