LA NAACP Prez Was Investigated for Taking Bribes as a Judge

Leon Jenkins LA NAACP

In the least surprising news of the day the President of the LA Chapter of the NAACP has a shady past. Back in the 90s Leon Jenkins was investigating for being a crooked judge in Detroit. Here are the details from Deadline Detroit.

The last time we heard of Leon Jenkins he was a Detroit 36th District Court judge facing bribery charges in federal court in downtown Detroit.

That was more than two decades ago. The jury acquitted on four of five counts in the first trial even though there were FBI videotapes of party store owner Sam Dickow, a government informant, paying off Jenkins to fix traffic tickets. The jury deadlocked on the fifth count.

Even though he was acquitted and there were some questions about jury tampering, Jenkins lost his law license.

He moved to LA for a fresh start, but looks like he just found a new hustle, getting money from racists like Donald Sterling and giving them awards for it.

3 thoughts on “LA NAACP Prez Was Investigated for Taking Bribes as a Judge

  • First point, this guy is a complete discrace! Second point, how many other corrupt executives and con artists work for the NAACP? Third point, can black people trust the NAACP?

  • Black flim-flam artist that would sell out blacks for a buck or some other agenda? Say it ain’t so but I can think of a lot today and going all the way back to the Euro-Slave Trade.

    • Doc Rivers and the NAACP are riding the fence . There is no way Doc Rivers nor the NAACP could not have known about Donald and Shelly Sterling. The US Justice Department obtained the largest award ever for housing discrimination from Donald Sterling, the case made headlines. Donald and Shelly had many other cases filed against them which were based on them discriminating against minorities. One of the most prominent case’s was the Elgin Baylar Case, The Baylar Case also made headlines, Doc Rivers I can forgive if he stop lying about not knowing, but I can never forgive the NAACP for selling life time achievement awards ( the majority of the money the NAACP receive to purchase their large homes expensive cars and mink coats come from the donations of the middle class and poor, administrative salaries is set my the administration!!!)..

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