LA NAACP Returning Donations From Donald Sterling

Donald Sterling NAACP

We just reported that Clippers’ racist owner Donald Sterling has been paying off the NAACP for years.  Now amidst the bad publicity, CBS is reporting the president of the Los Angeles chapter announced in a press conference that they will be returning all donations received from Sterling’s foundation.

Leon Jenkins, president of the LA NAACP, said at a news conference Monday that donations made by Sterling will be returned. He wouldn’t say how much money was involved but called it an “insignificant amount.”

Interesting gesture by the NAACP…NOW.  Of anyone, the local chapter should’ve been aware of Sterling’s discriminatory housing practices and refrained from being bought off when they should’ve been fighting for the rights of those he mistreated.

One thought on “LA NAACP Returning Donations From Donald Sterling

  • This is a great challenge to the 76.3% of black players in the NBA to come to the forefront and not just tweet and express moral outrage through social media. They can and should collectively make a donation to cover whatever NAACP is giving back to D. Sterling and more. This would send a loud message we do not need your “tainted” money and we will help those organizations that help African Americans. Absence of that and you have to wonder how much do we care about our own people especially those that are “haves” like our NBA brothers.

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