Lakers Fans Salty Over Clippers Balloons On Magic Johnson Statue (Photo)

staples center


Lakers fans and Clippers fans won’t be holding hands singing Kumbaya anytime soon. The gauntlet was thrown when someone had the bright idea to tie Clippers colored balloons on a statue of Magic Johnson in front of Staples Center.

And well, hilarity in angry fan comments soon ensued, via Arash Markazi’s Instagram page:



Here are some of the more ‘angry’ comments

fatherof4girls….ehhh…#disrespectful, but oh well.

mjreynAs long as they remember who keeps the lights on in that building, I don’t mind.

martinbotEhh, balloons are temporary, statues are permanent

eric_798Choke like always. Hype-City Clipps…

_danielcruz__Wtf!!!!! That’s the most disrespectful thing that the clippers could ever do!!!! That’s worst than covering up the banners!!!!!

Play nice, children. Lakers fans not gonna survive the rough years ahead.