Lakers Leaning Toward Keeping D’Antoni

Pau Gasol is frustrated with D'Antoni's offense.

What this tells me is that the Lakers won’t be going after Carmelo Anthony and will focus on Kevin Love and other free agents in 2015 if they decide to retan D’Antoni.

Here is what Kevin Ding of Bleacher Report had to say.

D’Antoni has one more guaranteed season left on his Lakers contract, and the club is leaning toward retaining him despite some privately disgruntled players and massive public disdain. It’s not clear which way the organization will go with him.

There are still no guarantees, but it seems clear that Lakers management specifically Jim Buss isn’t going to be bullied into a decision by Kobe Bryant or anyone else on the team.

It is hard to say how good of a coach D’Antoni could be with the Lakers because last year he dealt with injuries and an unhappy Dwight Howard and this year everyone has been hurt from day one.

It will be interesting to see how the Lakers proceed in the offseason.