LaLa Says “Real Fans” Won’t Blame Carmelo for Knicks’ Failures

Lala Anthony Instagram 2

All things considered Melo had a good statistical season.

He had to carry the Knicks for about 3/4 of the season and by the time his teammates rounded into form it was too late.

LaLa took time out from taking selfies on the beaches of the Bahamas (you can view the pics here), to say that real fans should understand Melo did all he could.

My heart. My life. It doesn’t take the playoffs for me or any REAL fan to know the caliber of player that you are. Every single game I watched u play your heart out, win or lose. You truly are ONE OF A KIND. Just know there are people out there just like me who appreciate and love you for all that you do. Love Always, Your #1 fan