LeBron Says If This Was the 80’s He’d Fight Players Who Fouled Him

LeBron James Elbow

I am on record saying someone as talented as LeBron James would have been a major star in any era. He is a legendary NBA player and his career isn’t even close to being over.

When it is all said in done, he is going to be in a discussion as one of the greatest ever. Just being in the discussion is an accomplishment, but with all that being said, do you believe him when he says this.

Does LeBron try to beat down Mahorn or Moses Malone if they took him out like McRoberts did?  His mom use to have to run out on the court when he was in high school, when opposing players hit him with hard fouls.  Granted that was a long time ago, but still.

What do you think?

2 thoughts on “LeBron Says If This Was the 80’s He’d Fight Players Who Fouled Him

  • I can understand him saying that,and he may really feel that way, but the reality may be a bit different. Magic, Julius and Bird weren’t throwing the fists very often back in the day. When there was some fighting in basketball it was carried out by the tough guys each team had on its roster. Like in hockey the team did not want its stars getting hurt in a fight. Besides Mahorn, there was Jeff Ruland (teamed with Mahorn on the Bullets as “McFilthy and McNasty” as Johnny Most called them), Charles Oakley, Paul Silas, further back it was Wayne Embry and even earlier in the league there were players like Jim Loscutoff of the Celtics who was a mediocre big man basketball player, but the real reason he was playing in the NBA was because he was tough as nails and would fight anyone anytime.

  • Not just high school. Don’t you remember when Ms. James was ready to fight Paul Pierce? LOL

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