LeSean McCoy: I Don’t Think Anyone Is Happy DJax Is Gone



I think the loss of DeSean Jackson is finally starting to set in for his former teammates on the Eagles.  All Pro running back LeSean McCoy has probably been the one Eagles player who’s displayed some form of denial about the entire situation.   McCoy has reiterated for weeks that he never saw the Eagles. Jackson split coming.

McCoy addressed the media at the end of a Saturday morning youth clinic at Camden Catholic High,  and said that he “doesn’t believe anyone on the Eagles roster is happy that the explosive Jackson is gone.”

“It’s a surprise for sure. Anybody that tells you they’re happy about it, I don’t know how honest that would be. It is a surprise. You’ve heard so much, you don’t really know (what’s true). Not playing with him is definitely going to be different. Playing against him is REALLY going to be different … It’s some big shoes to fill. DeSean’s by far one of the biggest playmakers in the game, and the biggest deep threat there is in the game. Some big shoes to fill, for sure.

“Then again, the front office, they obviously know what they’re doing. You make a move like that, you obviously have something up your sleeve, where you know you can get something that’s similar or even better.”

McCoy continues to question the merit of the Eagles releasing Jackson, yet always seems to reiterate that he fully supports the front office and Chip Kelly in the choices they make.   Don’t let Shady fool you for one minute though.   All-Pro or not, McCoy knows that openly questioning Chip Kelly is likely to come back and bite him when it’s time to discuss another extension or a new deal altogether.