LeSean McCoy: Signing Sproles “Make Me More Deadly”


Eagles running back LeSean McCoy seems to be on board with some of the moves his team is making.

A lot of people think the addition of Darren Sproles could help offset the loss of DeSean Jackson.  Eagles running back and NFL rushing leader LeSean McCoy thinks the addition of Sproles will help make him more productive.

Shady told Fox Sports that Sproles will keep him fresh so he can be even more deadly.

“Signing Sproles helps me out as a running back,” McCoy said, via FOXSports.com. “I can go in a game even more fresh because I’m getting less carries and less attempts.

I had 366 touches, which is a lot. I think me having less attempts can help me be more productive and more deadly. Being fresh in the fourth quarter, things that you don’t think matter really do make a big difference.

Now defenses have another guy that they have to prepare for. They have to watch out for so many different things, and it’s hard. They only get a week to prepare for us.