Loanmart Suspends Clippers Sponsorship


By my count, the 13th company has jumped ship from the Los Angeles Clippers by suspending or pulling their sponsorships. Loanmart issued this statement via Facebook:

The statements allegedly made by Donald Sterling are completely inconsistent with the views and ethics of the LoanMart organization.

As a result, LoanMart is suspending our advertising and sponsorship activities for the Los Angeles Clippers for the time being and will continue to monitor the situation for further developments. We want to emphasize our continued support for the Clippers players, coaching staff and fans during this difficult time.

The Clippers are believed to now not have any active sponsorships left in the wake of Donald Sterling’s racist comments. Loanmart joins Corona, CarMax, Sprint, Virgin America, State Farm, Mercedes-Benz, Yokohama, Chumash Casino, Lumber Liquidators, Red Bull, AquaHydrate, and Kia to pull or suspend sponsorships.