Local Reporter Calls DeSean Jackson, “LESEAN Jackson” (Video)

Dianna Russini

Live TV can be hard and to her credit sports anchor Dianna Russini of NBC 4 in DC was the first one to break the DeSean Jackson signing with the Redskins.

With that being said, this is quite embarrassing.

I don’t know if she was getting LeSean McCoy mixed up with DeSean Jackson, but the way she said it with so much confidence and didn’t correct herself makes it seem like her brain thought she was saying it the right way.

Interestingly, there was an excellent article in SI.com about women in sports media and if there is enough diversity.

It speaks on how women of color are treated differently than their white counterparts. If this was Jemele Hill, would it have just been a blip on the radar? Is there a reason why someone like the Syreeta from the NFL Chick gets less opportunities than women who just pop up, tell a couple of jokes and have multiple opportunities thrown their way?

This really isn’t anything personal against Dianna, because it isn’t the person who is at fault, but the world of media that is controlled by 90% white males.  Until then system is changed, you won’t see much progress.

H/T The NFL Chick

2 thoughts on “Local Reporter Calls DeSean Jackson, “LESEAN Jackson” (Video)

  • You know the real reason why most chicks choose to become sports reporters. If you don’t know, I will give you a hint, it has nothing to do with sports!

  • Maybe if “women of color” would stop making up idiotic, French-feminine sounding names during child birth it would be less confusing for women of non-color.

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