Woman Sued Kevin Durant For Not Paying Her for Twodel Hook-Ups

Kevin Durant, Luck

The one thing people need to remember about lawsuits is when you sue someone, they will probably counter sue you and try to put all your business out in the streets.

This is what is happening to Kevin Durant. He sued Lynn Swanson claiming she overcharged him $500k for various services over the years.

She countersued and here is what she had to say according to TMZ.

Swanson fired back in docs of her own, filed in March, claiming she earned every penny from KD — by taking all of Kev’s high-maintenance requests … including late-night calls, last minute requests and confidential arrangements for special ladies.

In the docs, Swanson says she “not only paid numerous speeding tickets and parking tickets for the Durant team, she would also confidentially book flights and make hotel arrangements for numerous women and others on behalf of the Durant entourage — No Questions Asked!”

Swanson wanted $100k, but they ended up settling out of court, because I assume KD didn’t want those “confidential” hookups going public.

Even though they just did.

One thought on “Woman Sued Kevin Durant For Not Paying Her for Twodel Hook-Ups

  • Why the hell would he sue her in the 1st place. Just pay her and take the L, he should have known that she would put his business in the streets. Also if she wanted $100k where did the $500k come from?? I wonder how much KD actually ended up paying?

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