Maidana Says He’ll Give Mayweather a Better Fight than Canelo


They all say this, but it rarely happens. Maidana deserved the fight and I don’t think he will be intimidated, but the question begs what can he do any differently than the others to catch up to Mayweather?

Here is what he had to say during his media day.

“I’ve been an underdog my whole life. I was the underdog against Adrien Broner and Victor Ortiz and you saw what happened. I won. I am the underdog again in this fight, but I earned the right to the fight.

“I will give Mayweather a much better fight than any of the other contenders will. I have trained very well, and I’m in great shape. The only pressure is to perform well. I am a fighter and I come to fight. I don’t respect any opponent when I’m in the ring. I’m in this fight to win.”

His trainer Robert Garcia says they aren’t hoping for a lucky punch, they are preparing to dominate for 12 whole rounds.

“Styles make fights. One punch can change everything. I don’t think Mayweather has been hit as hard as Maidana will hit him. But we aren’t looking for a knockout. We don’t want to just rely on maybe a lucky punch. Maidana is preparing to win all 12 rounds, and dominate.”

In boxing, it is true one punch can change everything, we will see if Maidana can land it.