Mark Cuban Says No Need To Talk About Sterling Right Now



Mark Cuban has been known to be very outspoken. If there was anytime for you to actually use that, it would be now with all the controversy swirling around his fellow Owner Donald Sterling. Well not according to Cuban who tweeted this out:

Cuban should have kept that one in drafts. I know he wants the focus to be on his team’s game in the playoffs but it would have been better for him to say nothing at all than to fire off that poorly phrased tweet. The notion that this issue can wait to be dealt with is frankly insulting. If a player had done something like this, would we be waiting?

I’m sorry Mark, but this just can’t be ignored.


  1. I’m sorry… I agree with Mark!! I’m a Mavs fan and right now his looking at Playoffs and nothing else for his team. No other attention other then how the Mavs playing right now he wants to hear.

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