1. He was shut down for the season for a couple of reasons, not benched! The season was shot, Cousins needed reps, he wasn’t 100% and should have never started the season anyway, and Snyder had already made the decision to fire shenanigans! For the record, how does one acknowledge his black side!

  2. sports and sports marketing is a multi billion dollar business…for a owner, player, coach etc to not try and capitalize on that is almost as be equivalent to not investing in a company matching 401k plan…this is not the early days of football with leather helmets where the players eat, drink and sleep football…by the way those guys had to work during the off season to make ends meet, whereas today football is almost a 12 month profession where the avg player plays what, less than 5 years?…add in the injuries and possible long term of effects of concussions, arthritis, etc and it only makes sense for players to think ME, ME, ME will chanting go team…and at the end of the day, RG3’s logo will only go as far as he carries the Redskins on the field…so if he fails to produce, we won’t be seeing the logo much anyway…

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