Mason PLUMLEE Still Had to Get Vets Their Towels After Blocking LeBron

Mason Plumlee Block LeBron James

PLUMEE maybe a GOD, but he is also still a rookie, so even after making one of the plays of the season, he still had to perform his rookie duties.

Here are the details courtesy of Newsday.

“I just told him big play, but get the towels,” Joe Johnson said. “Get your towels, and make sure you get us some Gatorade and water and meet us at the bus.”

“That’s all part of it,” Paul Pierce said. “Even though he had a huge game, national TV, big bucket, big block, he’s still got to come in here and carry the bags and get the towels.”

Kevin Garnett has taking Plumlee under his wing and because of injuries he has become a big part of the Nets turnaround.

But, you would have already known what he was capable of if you had been following me on Twitter, because I told you in December.