Matt Ryan Says He’s Glad Falcons Owner Has His Back


Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan is appreciate of his owner having his back, even when his teammates allegedly didn’t.   An angry and agitated Blank ripped his team for not retaliating after Saints rookie safety Kenny Vaccaro blasted Ryan while he was sliding to the ground.

Ryan appeared on 680 The Fan radio’s “Front Row” show Friday morning in Atlanta and thanked his owner for having his back.

“I understand,” Ryan said. “I know what [Blank] said. And listen: Nobody is more passionate about the Atlanta Falcons and cares more about the Atlanta Falcons than Mr. Blank. And as a player, you love to have an owner that is like that. He cares. He’s committed. He’s willing to do, in my opinion, whatever it takes to win.”

While reflecting on the play from last December, Blank “And that play really bothered me, sincerely. It bothered me that none of our players, they all complained, but none of them went to the safety on the Saints and did anything. Not that they would start a fight, but just kind of put their finger in his chest saying, ‘That’s not acceptable.'”

Blank has talked all offseason about his team getting tougher on both sides of the ball.